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Bordeaux, Cantenac Brown, Margaux

Bordeaux, Cantenac Brown, Margaux 

Chateau Cantenac Brown
3th Great Growth Classified

33460 Margaux, France
Tel : +33 557 888 181

Annual Production:
132 000 bottles

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc.

48 hectares

John Lewis Brown (1769 to 1851) bought a vineyard and built the castle in the town of Cantenac. He give birth to an english renaissance style castle which remind him of his Scottish origin. His grandson, John-Lewis Brown (1829-1890) stayed in the castle, he was an animal painter.

In 1843
the property was sold to Mr. Gomard, a banker.

In 1860
the Chateau Cantenac-Brown is sold to Louis Armand Lalande, a wine merchant who owns several chateaux in the Bordeaux vineyards. He gave the name of Canteanc-Brown to the property, which is surrounded by a beautiful English park which is one of the most original in the Medoc.

In 1935
Edouard Lawton borned Lalande, gives ownership to her son Jean, who sold the property to the Vivier family in 1968.

In 1987
Chateau Cantenacv-Brown is bought by the Compagnie du Midi, which was sold in 1989 to the AXA Millésimes Group, which sold it, in 2006 to the Halabi family.

Wines of Cantenac Brown:

hâteau Cantenac Brown

Château Brown Lamartine

Brio de Cantenac Brown

Alto de Cantenac Brown

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