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Bordeaux, Bélair-Monange, Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, Bélair-Monange, Saint-Emilion 


Château Magdelaine et Château Bélair-Monange
1er Grand Cru Classé B
SAS Jean Pierre Moueix
Quai du Priourat
33500 Libourne,
Bordeaux France
Tel : +33 (0) 557 247 094


Vineyard: 23,5 hectares
Grapes: 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc

Chateau Bel Air-Monange dates back to Roman period.

It was
owned by the hatonnet family for two centuries.

In 1952 Jean Pierre Moueix, Bordeaux wine merchant buys the Chateau Magdelaine which is ranked first Grand Cru classified B in 1958.

Chateau Magdelaine merges with Château Bélair-Monange, also classified First Great Growth classified "B" which gives a single entity "Château Bélair-Monange" which bore its name from the 2008 vintage, in memory of the mother of Jean Pierre Moueix, Ms. Anne-Adèle Monange.

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