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Australia, Langmeil Winery

Australia, Langmeil Winery 

Langmeil Winery

Cnr Langmeil & Para Rds
Tanunda, Barossa
SA 5352 Australia
Tel : + 61 8 8563 2595

The story of Langmeil is linked to the stories of a courageous pioneer, a vineyard, the fall of the industry, three white knights and the legacy of a current family.

The pioneer Christian Auricht establishes one of the first trading villages of Barossa on the banks of the North Para River, he calls it "Langmeil" which is now the Langmeil vineyard. Auricht had emigrated from Prussia in 1838 in search of religious freedom for his family in the New World. He was a blacksmith, and at the age of 36 he had moved five times in seven years, from Klastawe to Turowo in 1837, to Hamburg in 1838, in South Australia and Glen Osmond in 1839 to Klemzig in 1840, and finally to Langmeil.

Auricht's legacy survived today in the Freedom vineyard, which was planted as part of its mixed farm in 1843 and is considered the oldest vineyard in Shiraz.

Auricht establishes a forge and begins to take care of a mixed farm. In the years that followed, were built shops as bakery, shoe repair and a butcher. The road to the Kapunda and Burra townships, where there are copper mines in the North of the country, passed near the village of Langmeil, and many travelers stopped to water their horses and make provisions before continuing their long trip. Christian Auricht planted Shiraz vines on the estate, which still produces fruit. Today, the former vineyard of Auricht is the origin of Langmeil's iconic wine, the Freedom 1843 Shiraz. This rare wine commemorates the pioneering spirit of the first settlers of the region.

Before the First World War, many Australian places had German names. Due to the ongoing war against Germany and the resulting anti-German sentiment, many names of places of German origin have been changed in August 1916 through petitions and laws of Parliament. The village of Langmeil was later named "Bilyara" and is now known as Tanunda Township.

Theodor Hanisch established the first winery on the property, operating under the name of Paradale. He was the youngest son of Eleonore Auricht, whose father was Christian Auricht. Theodor's son, Arthur, later ran the vineyard. Theodor died in 1968 and Arthur died barely a year later, in 1969.

After the death of Arthur Hanisch the family sold the property. Bernkastel Wines bought the cellar and the property, operating under their own label.

1980 s
were tough years for the Australian wine industry. Export sales accounted for less than 20% of total production and the industry faced an apparently excessive glut of grapes. The South Australian government put in place a grapevine harvesting system whereby farmers were paid to remove the vines. Growers and winemakers were affected.

Bernkastel Wines went into liquidation. Purchased at a sale liquidation, the new owners did not operate the cellar but used the cellar to sell their stocks. The cellar was closed in August 1993, the property and vineyards remained inactive until 1996.

Richard Lindner, Carl Lindner and Chris Bitter, whose families have lived in the Barossa for several generations, buy the abandoned property. They restored the old buildings and laid out the ground. The trio renovated the old vineyard and named it "Langmeil" after the village of 1842.
During the cleaning, before the restoration, a small plot of old Shiraz narinary vines, planted in 1843 by Auricht, was discoved. After several months of work, the vineyard was relaunched successfully and named "The Freedom".

The first Langmeil harvest in the Freedom Vineyard was launched.

The first version of Langmeil's Freedom 1843 shiraz vintage 1997 is launched. This marks the first year of publication of a single wine dedicated to what is considered the oldest Shiraz vineyard.

Richard and Shirley Lindner acquire Langmeil Winery with their sons, Paul (lead winemaker) and James (sales and marketing), to ensure Langmeil remains a family business for generations to come. Langmeil winemaking is now recognized internationally and is considered one of the best Barossa wine producers, attracting visitors from around the world to visit the cellar door and restored village grounds.

Wine list produced by Langmeil Winery:

Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Wattle Brae Eden Valley Dry Riesling
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia High Road Chardonnay
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Three Gardens Viognier Marsanne Roussanne
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Live Wire Riesling
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Bella Rouge Rose Cabernet Sauvignon

Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia NV Sparkling Shiraz Cuvée
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Three Gardens Grenache Shiraz Mataro

Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Black Beauty Malbec
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Della Mina Sangiovese Barbera

Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Blacksmith Cabernet Sauvignon
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Valley Floor Shiraz
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia The Fifth Wave Grenache
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Jackamanes Cabernet Sauvignon

Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Pure Eden Shiraz
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia Orphan Bank Shiraz

Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia The Freedom 1843 Shiraz
Langmeil Winery Barossa Australia 25 Year Old Liqueur Tawny

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