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Chateau de FERRAND GCC

33750 Saint Hippolyte

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In 1702 Elie de 
Bétoulaud is at the origin of the Chateau de Ferrand. 


On the slopes of the Chateau de Ferrand below, you can admire the caves. This is how Elie de Bétoulaud made it into a kind of museum where shells and fossils were piled up. 


Elie de Bétoulaud, having no direct descent, he bequeathed the castle through a poetry competition to his great-grand nephews, including the Marquis de Mons, who acquired it and who kept it for several generations until 1978. 


Baron Bish bought the Chateau de Ferrand at the end of 1977. After the death of Baron Bish, it was his daughter Pauline Bish Chandon-Moët and her husband Philippe Chandon-Moët who presided over the Chateau de Ferrand. 


Chateau de Ferrand produces Chateau de Ferrand wine from the Saint Emilion appellation, Grand Cru Classé and also an organic wine. Depending on the vintage, the wine is aged in French oak barrels and the wine is aged between 14 and 18 months. 


The wine is bottled at the chateau and kept in the renovated cellars. 

Since 2007 Chateau Ferrand has been producing a second wine called: the Different de Chateau de Ferrand. 

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