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Traffic data is generated when the user’s computer or mobile device is connected to the Website and Services. Here is the list of data that is collected :

Access providers
Origin of connections
IP Address
Connection time
Type & version of browser used….

All these data can be used for statistical purposes in order to analyze the use of the Website & Services such as the most or least consulted modules, preferred routes, activity levels per hour and per day. Traffic data is never used by personal name. The personal data are not communicated, transferred to third parties without the express consent of the User at the time of registration.

The cookies allow WorldWineSearch to store information relating to the registration of the Users or their access to the website and to adapt the presentation of the site to the display preferences of the Users terminal.

Cookies allow WorldWineSearch to advertise ads that are adapted to the User’s interests, to count for and identify advertisements and to evaluate the number of users who have clicked. The user can disable cookies in order to prevent them from being saved on his computer or mobile device or to delete them using the options of his navigator.

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These cookies are intended to recommend products, services and content that meet your preferences, and to offer you certain promotional offers. By accepting these cookies, you benefit from an enriched and personalized experience.

The information about you is collected on WorldWineSearch (com / asia / hk / cn / en) from your PC, mobile device, tablet ...

Cookies Social Networks & Advertising 

We use these cookies so that our advertisements appearing on third party websites and social networks are tailored to your preferences based on the pages you have viewed from your browsing and the history of our relationships and allow us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

WorldWineSearch collects several types of personal data that you provide directly when you use our website and services which is the case when you:

Create your account online
Subscribe to a subscription
Insert an advertisement
You sign-up to receive our newsletter
Contact-us by email or phone
Contact-us any way
Ask for assistance
You insert a classified ads
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Hearing Cookies 

These cookies are used to measure and analyze the audience of our web-site regarding attendance, pages visited, average time,…in order to improve their performance. By accepting these cookies, you contribute to the improvement of our website.

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