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WorldWineSearch (WWS)


The Online Wine & Spirits market

The world wine market  on  internet is in a huge progression and this phenomenon should continue for several decades.

Merchants & Producers around the world are very active and do not hesitate to subscribe to a specialized network (platform that brings together all the players in the profession) to establish new contacts and sell directly without paying intermediary fees.

WWS is a portal specialized in the wine industry a Central Communication & Services Platform for national and international business development, connecting wine producers, wine/spirits merchants and  Professionals (B2B) or Private Consumers (B2C),  in order to establish direct contacts & sales. WWS presents all of the players in the global wine business.

Wine merchants and wine producers around the world are very active on this specialized wine network.

The sharp increase in the use of smartphone, android, IOS, tablet, laptop, is essentials for professionals & consumers. With WWS the business is processed faster, and the circuits are shorter in order to optimize the growth of each one.

The on-line sales market for wines and spirits consist mainly of:

-Winemakers, Wine Producers….
-Merchants (wine shops, retailers, restaurants… around the world)
-Importers, distributors…. worldwide
-Private consumers and collectors (B2C)

Q. Why do I need to register? Is it Free of Charge?
A. Yes, Registration is Free of Charge and allows you to access to VERSION PRO B2B after verification & approval of your company informations.
To upload your Pricelist and sell your products you must subscribe.
$79.00 for 36 months.

Q. Why should I subscribe?
A. The subscription allows you to upload your Pricelist during 36 months for an unbeatable price of $79.00 for 36 months!
No matter the size of your Pricelist we accept all of them. In addition, you will be entitled to the complete presentation of your company with photos and text translated in English & French with full informations regarding your company and a FREE ADVERTISING BANNER, as well as many other services.


Q. Can a private consumer register and access to B2B Version?
A. No, only Professionals can access to the B2B PRO VERSION.
Private Consumer get access to B2C Version only.


Q. I do not want my price list submitted to private customer.
A. During your registration you can select “Not to display your price list to private consumers (B2C)”. Only companies approved and confirmed by us will get access to VERSION PRO B2B. Thus, you will be in contact exclusively with professionals (B2B).

Q. I own Classified Domain. I do not want to upload my pricelist.
Can I only have my company registered?
A. Yes, you can register and referenced your company on Search Engines. You will be entitled to a full presentation page with a Free Advertising Banner (Free banner for subscriber, only on this specific page) texts in both version English & French with a link that will forward to your website.

Q. Why should I upload my pricelist on WWS?
A. Uploading and displaying your pricelist on WQS Platform, allows you to get in direct contact with professional’s buyers (B2B) or Private Consumers (B2C) around the world. Buyers who will conduct a search, will be much more likely to come into contact with your business through WWS that brings together both: buyers & sellers.

More, WWS works on specific keywords for each listed company on the website and each dealer has his own presentation page with a Free Banner on this specific page (Free banner for subscribers only). We also offer Free Classified Ads and Urgent Product Request Service, and more…

With WWS you can insert a Classified Ad, or to be alerted as soon as the desired wine is available from online merchants. You can also, be in direct contact with the merchants who make a spontaneous request.

WWS gives the possibility to insert a banner ad on the most relevant pages (home page, search result page….) at unbeatable prices!
6 months $199 USD or 12 months $299USD

Thanks to its RSS and to the Social Networks of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, WWS is in contact with thousands of people throughout the world which generates traffic, contacts and therefore ...Sales!


Q. I have a website, why my pricelist should appear on WWS?
A. It is no longer enough to have a website, to get results users must find you easily on the net. WWS brings together all professional’s players of viticulture (B2B) buyers, sellers & producers, it is much more obvious to find you.

Your website will be linked from WWS who generates more traffic for all players referenced. In addition you will enjoy shared mutualized keyword campaign.

Today, to make a website live and updated, it takes great financial means, because everything has a price, it is necessary to update the version used for the construction of your website, a version that would not be updated, will be obsolete after one year! You have also to connect your website on Social Networks and constantly make live for your website. Set the newsletter and send it regularly, send this newsletter to hundreds of thousands of subscribers to get results, and all this cost money!

Q. My company will be drowned among all the worldwide merchants?
A. Not at all, because professionals looking for a specific product carries out his research with keywords on the search engines by inserting many parameters, hence the usefulness of having his company referenced and presented on WWS, which includes all actors in the profession.

All subscribers are displayed on WWS. Our search results will automatically display firstly sellers that are geographically near the user location then merchants in the region or country. 
Buyers can make a search by country, region, color, price range, grape varieties, rating, vintage, or by producers or merchants.

WWS offer classified ads for all viticulture, for those who are looking for jobs as a sommelier, oenologist, sales manager, salesman, or others, or for every users of the WWS, who need to sell wine or winery. All these socials networks drain traffic and sooner or later visitors will become your buyers. You benefit from shared keyword campaigns from the site that draws more traffic for each company.

Our social and community network generates traffic, so visitors to WWS become your customers.


Q. How do I upload my products?
A. Follow the instructions on the template, this is easy and takes few minutes. Your pricelist must include: Chateau/Domain Name, vintage, format, inventory, format, ...If you encounter a technical problem do not hesitate to contact us


Q. At what price should I offer my products?
A. You decide, but the most attractive prices will sell faster, you can compare with the prices already on the site to be well positioned. The website presents the cheapest first.

Q. Can I modify or update my Pricelist?
A. Yes, at any time, during your subscription you have access to your personal account.


Q. Can I withdraw or cancel my Pricelist?
A. Yes, at any time.


Q. How and when am I get paid?
A. You are in direct contact with the buyer, you decide how and when to be paid., WWS does not intervene in the negotiation and does not get any fees on commercial transactions.


Q. When a buyer contacts me about my product?
A. As soon as a buyer selects your products, he is in direct contact with you thru your Merchant Page Link where he can send you an email or call you.

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