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Terms & Conditions of Use

Last updated: June 15, 2019


In this contract, WorldWineSearch is also called in short (WWS)

User: is a person who has access to the website.

Subscriber: allows to access to many free services and upload his professional or price list.


 1. Use of Website


1.1 Welcome to, (WWS) a website that provides Wine Merchant, Producers, and Services related to the viticulture (Wine and Spirits. Beers, Fruit Juice, Mineral Water, Oliver Oil….).

Users agree to the Terms of Use, when visiting the Website from a desktop, laptop computer, cellular phone or tablet, users use the software provided by that offers Services subject to the following conditions.


1.2 WorldWineSeach Limited company, incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance Chapter 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong. WWS Ltd is based in Hong Kong and registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong registration number: 2457757.

WorldWineSearch Ltd owns and operates the website World Wine and the domain registered at the ICCAN:


WorldWineSearch Ltd
Room 501, 5/Floor, Prosperous Building
48 Des Voeux Road Central
Hong Kong, CHINE

Tel: +852-3008-8217


1.3 WWS is a Wine Platform that allows third-party sellers to list and sell their product directly. WWS allows a search, buy & sell wines or spirits, which brings together the majority of producers and wine merchants from around the world. It also provides information and a useful database to contact professionals around the world who can be wine merchants, wine producers, wine retailers, importers, distributors, agents, as well as wholesalers and manufacturers of wine-making equipment. The main goal of WWS is to better promote the Wine Business Industry worldwide, bring together and introduce to each other professionals and sellers (B2B) or private consumers (B2C)., and connect buyers, sellers professionals, wine producers, retailers, and importers, as well as individuals.



2. Description of goods and services provided


2.1 The characteristics of the goods, services offered on the website are those listed in the online catalog available only by subscribers or registered companies, and under their full responsibility. Only subscribers can upload their price-list and sell their products, with their characteristics and in no case WWS cannot be held responsible for fraudulent products, price errors or any other defects. Access to the Website is not limited to professionals, private customers can access to the consumer Version (B2C Business to Consumer).


2.2 By using, you (subscribers and users) agree on the present Conditions and accept the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the website. The present Conditions are applicable to any user of the Website. offers a wide range of Services, and sometimes additional terms may apply. These Conditions prevail to all other General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The conditions applicable are those in effect on the website and not those that could be viewed from another website or search engine that would present old conditions of use.


2.3 Users & Buyers of products presented on are connected through the website which implies Acceptance by Users of these Terms of Use. The visitor and or the buyer states to be of the legal age required in his/her country and possesses the necessary legal capacity to comply with this agreement are understood and acknowledged in full. The Register or Subscriber declares that all information provided by him/her in order to enter on before and during use is true, complete, and updated. It is prohibited to Subscriber and User to modify, reproduce, duplicate, distribute, copy, sell, resell or exploit the Website WWS in any way, for commercial purposes or others.


2.4 The User and/or Subscriber agree not to use WWS for illegal or improper purposes and accepts that the products sold by third party or services purchased through this Website are for their own use or consumption under the user name and are legally authorized to act.



3. Electronic E-Mails Subscription


3.1 When the User or Subscriber visit the Website, or send e-mails, text messages, and another kind of communications from his laptop, desktop, mobile, device or Tablet to WWS he/her is communicating with WWS electronically. You accept to receive communications electronically from our Website such as e-mails, texts, or notices and messages, or through the other from our Subscribers. You can retain copies of these communications for your records. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.



3.2 The User and/or the Subscriber, who access to the website is in direct contact with the seller through WWS server and buy directly from the seller concerned.


3.3 Upon registration, all information relating to the Subscriber or the User will be filled in the registers of WWS and may be consulted at any time, at the request of the User.


3.4 The User and/or Subscriber, who has received from WWS a Login and Password to access the Website or part of the Site, is the sole responsibility and must ensure that its use is not contrary to the stated terms and maintain confidentially. The password is required to access the website, for obtaining the communications and material necessary for the use and access that parts of the website.


3.5 The User agrees that the Website may at any time impose or modify the conditions of access or sale, including a fee for access to certain parts of the Website which will take effect immediately after publication on the Website or by Email, to the subscriber or register of the website. Any use of the Website after the announcement of this decision constitutes acceptance of these changes. WWS may at any time terminate or modify any services offered.

4. What information is collected by WorldWineSearch?


4.1 All kinds of information provided during registration on the Website or the application by the professional or private consumers are registered. To create an account, WWS asks for an email address that will be used to log in.


4.2 A password is used to protect encrypted sensitive information. WWS does not know this password, which is not stored in digital form.

4.3 When the User and/or Subscriber activates specific services, WWS may collect this additional sensitive encrypted information. The user must enter in the application certain sensitive information, such as name, address, phone numbers, personal information, company information, credit card data thru Paypal, password, online transaction receipt and secure note, which are encrypted locally on the User's device, by means of encryption, WWS, cannot be able to view them in unencrypted form.


4.4 WWS automatically collects certain information stored in files, such as the IP address, browser type, ISP, operating system, date and time, navigation route, the user's computer or mobile device, the language used, the country of operation. The system, device ID, location data, and phone number. This information is used to analyze preferences, administer the website, track user movements on WWS and user database demographics, to improve the customization of WWS services, as needed, or to detect fraud and authentication.


5. How does WorldWineSearch collect user information?


The information collected allows WWS to respond to users' preferences and also to improve the WWS services such as:

- Facilitate the creation of the User account and secure it on the WWS network.

- Satisfy the request of the User Subscribers.

- Send administrative, security, support, and maintenance notifications by e-mail.

- Respond to User requests.

- Sends newsletters, offers, and other promotions related to the services offered by WWS.


WWS reserves the right to use anonymous information for any purpose and to disclose it to third parties. This anonymous information does not identify a natural person.

6. Service Providers


WWS may communicate information from Users and/or Subscribers to third-party service providers to conduct quality testing, facilitate account creation, provide technical support, and/or provide other services. Encrypted sensitive information remains when it is in the possession of WWS or a service provider and cannot be read by WWS or its service providers.



7. Fraud protection


WWS may disclose certain portions of the encrypted sensitive information, from Users and/or Subscribers, to the financial institution that issued the credit card or operates the credit card network. This information is provided for the sole purpose of helping them to prevent fraud. This information is provided to credit card companies using a private-public key so that it cannot be read by WorldWineSearch or its service providers.



8. Business Transfer


8.1 In the case of cession, acquisition or dissolution of WWS, the purchaser will hold the information collected and will take over the rights and obligations set out in these Terms of Use. As a result, WWS may share all or part of the information in the course of negotiating a merger, financing, acquisition, dissolution, transaction or proceeding involving the sale, assignment, divestiture or disclosure of any or all of the information, part of the business or assets.


8.2 WWS may disclose the information of Users or Subscribers, if it considers in good faith that it is necessary and to comply with the law or to respond to a summons or mandate notified to WWS or to protect or defend the right of ownership WWS or a User of the Application or to investigate or participate in the prevention of a violation or potential violation of the law.



9. Security regarding the information of Users and/or Subscribers


WorldWineSearch is very anxious to protect the information of the Users of the Website, knowing that no method of transmission by the internet and electronic data storage method is 100% reliable, which is why WWS is not able to guarantee absolute security. The User and/or Subscriber may terminate the collection of information about him by uninstalling the application in his PC, Laptop, Mobile device or tablet.



10. Subscription - Cancellation


Users who subscribe to a contract or purchase a service such as banner advertising, or any other service, on the Website, cannot cancel it before the anniversary date mentioned on the invoice. The subscriber can find all of his information on "My Account" from the website. All claims must be sent by Email.
Any subscriber who does not complete the presentation of his company with texts, photos, and advertising banner will be automatically canceled after 60 days and a reminder by email from WWS



11. Disclaimer


As part of the online service on the website, WWS is bound by an obligation of means and cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the internet such as data loss, hacking, viruses, interruption of service or other unwanted problems. WWS archives all data, purchase orders, subscriber's registrations, newsletters, invoices, letters, and emails on a reliable and durable copy as a legal copy of the legal relationship between the two parties. All information recorded on the Website is considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments, and transactions between the parties.



12. Copyright - Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights


12.1 All contents on the Website including, but not limited to, trademarks, graphics, text, logos, images, icons, audio files and software owned by WWS and protected by national and international laws on industrial and intellectual property. The user of the website, cannot acquire the copyrights and the rights of property by the simple fact of downloading the contents of the Website.


12.2 The User agrees not to use the Website for illegal or inappropriate purposes.


12.3 WWS, will not be held responsible for products or images, pedophile and sexual, racist, anti-Semitic, politics content about misleading products and offensive images that Affiliates submit to the Website and that may have been downloaded by a visitor or other person who had access to the User's account.


12.4 All information and products featured on the website are covered by copyright and trademark, including text, logos, icons, photographs, and graphics, as well as the specific content and layout of the items mentioned which belong exclusively to WWS or its affiliates or the companies they represent.


12.5 The Website or part of the Site may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted, modified, published, sold, resold or used for commercial purposes without the express permission of WWS.


12.6 The User cannot post, upload photos, download material from the website, without the prior consent of WWS. Any User or Affiliate who interferes with the law in any way or violates any individual rights is unlawful, defamatory, obscene, profane, or otherwise harmful will be held civilly liable.


In the absence of written authorization from WWS, the User cannot insert any material containing advertising of products or services or a solicitation of business from outside the Site.



13. Description of Goods and Services Provided


13.1 Characteristics of Goods and Services of products and Services offered on WWS are those listed in the online catalog available and provided by affiliated companies and other businesses.


13.2 WWS is not responsible and does not warrant the offerings of any of these businesses or the content of their price-list and availability thru the Website.


13.3 WWS does not assume any responsibility or liability for the actions, product, and content of all these and any other third parties. Only our Affiliates or Subscribers can upload their products and Price List and characteristics, under their own responsibility. In no event shall WWS be responsible for fraudulent products, pricing errors.



14. Payment - Security


14.1 Affiliates can pay their subscription fee, classified ad, Advertising, or other Services offered, by credit card with a completely secure system. After ordering any services on WWS, the Affiliates will receive an e-mail confirmation of order and payment, which shall act as contractual documents and invoices.


14.2 WWS reserves the right to cancel the subscription and/or registration of a User in the event of a reasonable cause of fraud, or cannot reach User by e-mail, or in case the subscriber does not respect the rules regarding the Price-List Upload (Excel File). In these cases, the subscription would be automatically canceled and not refunded.


15. E-mail - Newsletter – Registration

15.1 Affiliates or Users who access to WWS are in direct contact with the seller through the server of WWS and buy directly to the seller concerned.


15.2 During registration all information regarding the Affiliate will be saved on WWS and may be accessed at any time as requested by Affiliate or User of the Website.


15.3 The Affiliate who has received from WWS a Username and Password to access the Website or part of the Website is responsible and must ensure that their use is not contrary to the Terms set forth and maintain their nature confidential. The Affiliate and or user are also responsible for obtaining and maintaining any communications and materials necessary to access and use of WWS. All kinds of informations provided during registration on the Website or the application by the professional or private consumer are registered. To create an account, WWS asks for an email address that will be used to log in.


15.4 The User agrees that WWS may at any time impose or modify the Terms & Conditions of Access and Use or Sale, including a fee for access to certain parts of the Website which will take effect immediately after publication on the Website, or by e-mail to the subscriber. Any use of the Website after the announcement of this decision constitutes acceptance of these changes. WWS may at any time terminate or modify any service offered or pricing.


15.5 The Affiliate or visitor of WWS is fully responsible for safeguarding any passwords provided by WWS in order to enter the Website and guarantees that not unauthorized third parties shouldn't access to the password provided by the Website.

16. Cookies


16.1 For more information regarding and managing cookies for each major browsers, please visit: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox.


16.2 WWS uses cookies to collect information. Cookies are information that a website sends to the hard drive of the User's computer during his visit to the Website. Some of these cookies disappear when the user is turned off the browser and others remain in the computer as the user will not remove them, in order to make navigation on WWS more personal and interactive. This information is collected to adapt the Website to the needs of the User and to customize his interests and meet his needs.


16.3 If the User invites a third party to create an account via the Services offered on WWS keeps the e-mail address of the person invited by the User, as well as the message sent by the User, to send him an e-mail and follow him. The User must obtain the consent of the third party in order to allow WWS to access the name and e-mail address of this third party and to register them. The User or the third party may contact the Website, requesting the removal of this information from the WWS database.



17. Cancellation Policy


The user who sign a subscription or purchase a service such as a banner ad, classified ad or other service on the Website, cannot cancel it before the anniversary date mentioned on the invoice. The user can find all his personal information on "My Account" from the Website. All complaints must be sent by email



18. Disclaimer


18.1 In the process of online sales through the Website, WWS is bound by an obligation of means and cannot be held liable for damages resulting from Website such as data loss, hacking, viruses, interruption of service or other unintended problems.


18.2 WWS archives all orders regarding service purchases, subscriber registration, newsletter entries, invoices, email and correspondence on a reliable and lasting copy as a legal copy of the legal link between the two parts.


18.3 All registered information's on the Website will be considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.



19. Responsibility - Damage


19.1 WWS offers services to third parties (User or Subscriber) over which the company has no editorial or content control. Users or subscribers opinion's, statements, services or other information provided by them on the Website are the property of the Website and WWS cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or verification of any opinion or statement on the Website by anyone outside the authorized staff of WWS or other persons working on behalf of the company.


19.2 WWS will not be under any circumstances be considered responsible for damage or losses caused by the use of information obtained from the Website. This is the responsibility of the User of such information, and it is his responsibility to evaluate the accuracy of any information, opinion, offers or other content on the Website. Despite the fact that the Website is available worldwide, all services and products offered by merchants may not be accessible to people of different geographic areas and jurisdictions.


19.3 Anyone who purchases any alcohol submitted by the Merchants of the Website is responsible for complying with the laws in their country of residence and of having the minimum age required for the purchase and consumption of such products.


19.4 WWS reserves the right to refuse service or subscription orders and/or to cancel any order without limitation if the Website believes that the conduct of a User violates the applicable law or is detrimental to the interests of WWS of its affiliates.


19.5 User acknowledges that registration to the Newsletter or subscription may be used by WWS to contact them to promote merchants on the site or for any other reason.


19.6 The user agrees that the website retrieves information, records and compiles visitor statistics, including information about user access and website navigation. In the event that the user or subscriber submits his material to WWS, he/she in agreement with WWS and its affiliates grants a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, and fully licensed modification, copy or publication to distribute this material.


19.7 The User gives the right to WWS to use the name he/she submits with other information. Any equipment that is the subject of a Trademark registration or any other Copyright cannot be downloaded without the express permission of WWS. The user is solely responsible for any damage caused by the violation of Trademark and Copyright in such material.


19.8 WorldWineSearch Ltd, the Website and its affiliates are the sole beneficiaries of the rules, terms, and conditions expressed herein. WWS makes no warranty with respect to the information, content, materials, and products on its Website and published by subscribers. The User agrees to use the website at his own risk. WWS disclaims all liability, including any damages or prejudice caused by any malfunction, error, omission, interruption, loss, defect or delay in any transaction or transmission of data.


19.9 User acknowledges that WWS is not responsible for any defamatory, offensive or illegal other site users and the resulting risk of harm lies with the sole responsibility of the User. In no case WWS or any person or entity involved in the production or distribution of the Website cannot be held liable for damages related to the use of the Website, including any direct or indirect, incidental or punitive damages.


19.10 Users agree not to file any complaint or claim including attorney's fees against the Website or WorldWineSearch Ltd, their directors, employees, and agents after the use of the Website.


20. Conflict - Disputes


Any dispute or claim relating in any way to the use of the Website or services sold or distributed by WorldWineSearch or through the Website will be resolved friendly, rather than in court. In case of conflict, the Court of Justice of Hong Kong will be empowered to judge the facts.


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